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Post by Erős Pista on Mon Jan 12, 2015 2:24 pm

Pogledah Locke-a. Nije loš, ima nekih zaista dobrih detalja, ali ima i nekih bezveznih. Ali to na stranu, čim sam video da se glavni junak zove Ivan Locke, rekoh, okej, ovde nam se nešto poručuje, i stvarno:

Well one comparison I think is apt is to Richard Linklater's Before trilogy and how you throw us into the story and how abruptly you end it. Did you struggle with the ending and finding that right moment to end it and can you see yourself returning to this character?
No, the ending was one of the first things that came along. What I needed was for Ivan to have made a mistake, that wasn't a fraud or a crime or a murder, but something anyone could do. He's the most rational man, his name is a reference to John Locke, the philosopher who argued that rationality and reason were predominant in human behavior, and Ivan Locke tries that. That's how he lives his life -- through reason, through concrete, solid things, shaping things and fixing things.

Mada me nekako i nije ubedio. Mislim da mora tu negde da se nalazi i neka dublja referenca.

Ovu caku sam primetio u još nekim filmovima. Najpoznatiji primer je svakako Blejd Raner, u kojem se junak, naravno, nimalo slučajno zove Dekard.

"But then if I look out of the window and see men crossing the square, as I just happen to have done, I normally say that I see the men themselves, just as I say that I see the wax. Yet do I see any more than hats and coats which could conceal automatons? I judge that they are men. And so something which I thought I was seeing with my eyes is in fact grasped solely by the faculty of judgement which is in my mind."

Zatim, u Hurt Locker-u, glavni junak se zove Will James.

But the debates about this movie have also ignored the obvious question:  why is the warrior at the heart of the story named Will James?  In watching him become the hero of the story, for better and worse, are we supposed to recall the arguments of the pragmatist philosopher William James—whose most effective intervention as a public intellectual was a 1909 lecture entitled “The Moral Equivalent of War”?  When a famous philosopher told me that he’d recently had dinner with Boal, I asked him this question.  The response was emphatic: “Absolutely.  He chose the name very carefully.” - See more at:

I konačno, još jedan primer kojeg sam uspeo da se setim je Memetov Edmond, u kojem se glavni lik zove Edmond Burke. Jasno je da nije slučajno, ali nisam uspeo da shvatim šta je tačno memet želeo time da kaže.

"Oni kroz mene gledaju u vas! Oni kroz njega gledaju u vas! Oni kroz vas gledaju u mene... i u sve nas."

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Post by erős paprika on Mon Jan 12, 2015 2:36 pm

muceni lost je valjda tog konja isibao do smrti.

The law provides us structure to guide us through paralyzing and trying times. But it requires us a vision to its procedures and higher purposes. Before we assume our respective roles in this enduring drama just let me say that when these frail shadows we inhabit now have quit the stage we'll meet and raise a glass again together in Valhalla.
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Post by Somlói Galuska on Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:23 pm

Odlična tema, samo šlagvort je odvratan. Inače, ovaj komentar koji sam pročitao (pretpostavljam reditelja) još više me učvršćuje u preziru prema ovom filmu.

Što se igre s imenima tiče, prvo što mi padne napamet je igra imenima u Andersonovom There will be Blood  - Daniel Plainview, Mr. Bankside i Paul Sunday. To mi je bila jedna od (mnogih) gotivnih stvari u tom filmu.
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Post by Sergen Yalçın on Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:26 pm

u Matrixu, simbolika imena anderson (neovo prezime) i smith. smith kao najcesce prezime od svih engleskih prezimena, i anderson sa grckim korenom koji znaci "muskarac", ali i "covek". moze cak i "sin coveciji".

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