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Da malo ozivim i svoj domen.

Egzoticne zivotinje The_Bloop-phenomomen

Back in 1997, a noise which was later dubbed the “Bloop” was overheard on headphones all over the Pacific and the mystery continues. The sound was a loud, very low frequency noise which was picked up at stations that were immersed and over 5,000 km apart from one another. It was one of numerous strange sounds that had been picked up by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA over the years.
Numerous articles that followed in years that passed popularized one belief that the Bloop could have been made from some type of unknown deep sea creature due to the “living, organic sounding” of the noise. This idea caused the theory of the Bloop to be pushed to the level of a huge unexplained mystery.
However NOAA now thinks the sound never came from any animal, but it was possibly a fairly common and rather boring event. NOAA believes the noise was from the cracking of ice as it breaks apart in the Antarctic when icequakes hit. So the idea of some sort of colossal animal making the noises that were loud enough to be heard all over the Pacific was fantasy and not science.
NOAA’s findings were stated that they confirmed to the regularity, duration and timing of the Bloop signal. They were supposedly steady and basically indistinguishable to icequake indicators that were documented off the edge of Antarctica. Scientists began tests around the Bransfield Strait in 2005 and they continued up to 2010. While performing studies of the research information, it became clear that the sounds of the ice cracking were a main source of natural echoes in the Southern Ocean. Every year there are thousands of icequakes which happen when glaciers crack and fall into the ocean. These sounds were all very alike in character to the Bloop itself.

Because of that, it makes it particularly unlikely the sound was made by any kind of animal. Even so, it is easy to understand why the Bloop could become such a fascinating mystery. The deep oceans of the world are still for the most part uncharted by human beings. In fact it is believed that at least 95 percent stated NOAA. It has been declared that there is a lot out there that humans do not know about the deep oceans.
However even one scientist that works for NOAA does not believe in the icequake theory and still stands behind the unknown animal theory. So when it is said and done, the Bloop sound has not actually been completely 100 percent solved, and all the chatter about icebergs remains inconclusive when all is said and done. It does remain the chosen scientific answer at this time but the real mystery continues.
In 1997, the noise dubbed the “Bloop” was heard on headphones all over the Pacific. The sound was a loud, very low frequency noise which was picked up all over stations that were submerged and over 5,000 km apart from one another. The Bloop was only one of many different bizarre sounds that have been picked up by NOAA over the years.
By Kimberly Ruble

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ne znam gde ovo da turim

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Crna ptica, kljukana rehabilitacija.

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Ne znam gde bih drugde, pa hajd' ovde


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Nepoznato stvorenje viđeno je u reci Jangce blizu kineskog grada Jičang, zapalivši društvene mreže spekulacijama da Kina ima svog pandana čudovištu iz Loh Nesa.

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