Zastava Yugo 311, first registered August 1989; previously driven in Bournemouth, Telford, spent a lot of time in storage in the last ten years, now my daily runner.
It's only done 35000 miles so should be good for a few years, fingers crossed. There's not a mark on the car. The engine is not original, the old one dropped a valve having run on unleaded petrol since new, so it has an engine from a scrapped Yugo 55A which had rusted away - 1,116cc of an engine, which, if it were human, would be a nightclub singer who smokes 50 a day.
There are two other 311s in mint condition that I know of, both red,and probably a few others hiding in garages and barns around the UK. There were quite a few Yugos on the road up to the mid 90s but they are a sadly rare sight these days.

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